Designing Covers for a used pair Quadral Altan Golds HiFi Speakers

By Beatrice Lühring

Published on: July 16, 2023 | Reading Time: 2 min | Last Modified: July 16, 2023

3D Design

Since my used Quadral Altan Gold speaker pair did not come with speaker covers when I bought them and they have not been available as spare parts for a long time due to the old age of the speakers, I had no choice but to build them myself.

I first decided to go with a multi-material solution, as the shape of the cover would otherwise require a CNC router due to complicated curves. As a base plate, an MDF board will be cut to size so that a stable base frame is created. A normal jigsaw should be sufficient for this. The more complicated part are the rounded corners, which I planed to realize with the help of several 3D printed parts that will be attached to the MDF board. To do this, I recreated a model of the speaker in Autodesk AutoCAD, which gave me an accurate basis for my own design decisions.

Due to the thinness of the sides on the two large speakers, I ended up 3D printing the frame entirely.

3D Printing the Middle Part

Within two hours, the center part was printed successfully. To save supports, the model was laid on the print bed. The infill consists of a Gyroid for all parts. This type of infill is very stable and therefore well suited for the expected loads of this frame. A disadvantage is the longer printing time, because this form is a more complex structure, unlike, for example, honeycombs.

Fitting the Top Part

Due to a measurement error, the model still had to be adjusted a little.