About Me

I raised in a small village situated in the Hannover region of Germany. Although my performance during junior high school was exceptional, particularly in the science subjects, I was not cognizant of my interest in science at that point. Consequently, it was evident to my parents and me that I would undertake vocational education. However, I decided to keep my options open for a degree and opted to pursue the Abitur after finishing secondary school.

As planned, I specialized in “Economics and Administration” at a vocational school to acquire fundamental business management skills. Thereafter, I undertook an apprenticeship as an environmental protection technical assistant to enhance my knowledge of chemistry.

Nonetheless, my yearning for knowledge was unquenched, and I embarked on a bachelor’s degree in “Technologies of Renewable Resources,” which I am currently relishing. This non-traditional academic trajectory has significantly broadened my knowledge and bolstered my self-confidence.

I am excited to continue my journey of exploration and growth in the field of renewable resources.

In my free time I love to cook and bake. In the nature I enjoy to sit in my kayak and explore rivers and lakes. I also like to create useful things using a 3D printer and CAD software. If I have enough spare time I will publish some of my projects on this page.